John Wayne Rifle with JW Initials Duke Shadowbox

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The "DUKE" John Wayne Memorabilia Shadowbox

42" x 29" x 4"


Mod. 92 Carbine Cowboy Version - USA 1892
Overall Length: 37 1/8"
Weight: 5lb 13oz
Barrel Length: 19"

handcrafted in Spain

John Wayne Panorama high quality giclee

Authentic Collector Belt Buckle

and Plaque

Lined in Brown, and Brown Wood moulding

Qua;ity! Quality!! Quality!!!

This replica can not be shipped to CT., KS., MA., MN., WI., NYC., NY., PR., CA., and outside U.S.

The 1892 rifle, descendant of the Henry and 1866 rifles,was made from 1892 until 1941 and total production was in excess of one million pieces. Many variations and calibers were introduced over the course of the 50 years production, but the basic design was largely unaltered and the fact that many are still in use today as hunting rifles bears testimony to the reliability and longevity of the gun. This non-firing replica clearly demonstrates the workings of the famed lever action.

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This replica Model 1892, Caliber .44 Winchester rifle with a modified loop lever became a signature of John Wayne in many western films.
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