Johnny Carson CARNAC costume turban reproduction prop

Building this thing was a trip! It started as a commissioned piece, but since Want It Now listings are anonymous and the listing has ended, I have no way to get in touch with the person who wanted it (Dee, are you out t?). So I am putting it up for auction because I don't have room to keep it.

Do you remember Johnny Carson doing a character called Carnac the Magnificent? Carnak was a psychic who took sealed envelopes with questions and spouted funny answers before tearing open the envelopes to get at the questions. He wore a ridiculously huge turban with beads and feathers on it and a black cape. is my reproduction of the turban.

To keep the weight reasonable, the frame is built of plastic mesh, cut and stitched together by hand to give it the right shape, reinforced with cross-bracing on the inside to make it rigid. Check out the photo!

The frame is covered with three layers of quilt batting, and then red satin covers the outside. I've included some close-ups of the trims. The small gold beads don't look as good as I'd hoped, bigger ones would look better, so I plan to replace that before shipping. I'm also thinking of adding more feathers. The only thing I couldn't really reproduce was the fabric, the original was red and gold brocade and all I could find was plain satin. If you want a brocade effect, I could

This will fit a little loose on my head, which measures 21 3/4 inches and it will fit a little tight on my boyfriend's head, which measures 23 inches. It measures 24 inches across each way and 11 inches thick. It balances well enough, but you can't move suddenly or it will tumble off, so no dancing!

This comes from a smoke free home but not cat free.

I will ship on the weekend after cleared payment, PAYPAL only for this auction, with package tracking ($1 of shipping fee). The shipping is so high because of the weight and **especially** the size of the box to send this piece.

Please email me with any questions!

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