Johnny Cash Flipping Bird 19"x10" canvas print signed


"Johnny Cash Flipping Bird"

10"x40" rolled canvas = starting bid of $49.99...or Buy It now and get it stretched and ready to hang on the wall for $99. I'll also hand paint over the print and hand paint the gallery wrapped edges if you buy the premium BIN option!

This is a custom Giclee print on canvas done from one of my original paintings. I also sell a larger size print shown in the room shot...this one is 22"x40" and is $99 rolled or $200 stretched. Just purchase the small one and let me know via email that you'd like the larger one and I'll adjust your invoice accordingly. Or...if you want...I have the original painting... It's 22"x40" and I would sell it for $1500 or best offer.

Limited Edition of 500.

High Bidder will get the lowest number print available shipped to you rolled in a tube. If you buy it with the Buy It Now feature for $99 or if the bidding goes over 99 then I will stretch this piece for you so it's ready to hang on the wall as seen in the last picture. I will also hand embelish the print for free... meaning I'll paint on top of it... adding to the highlights and shadows... and even hand paint the sides so it's self framing... This raises the value considerably. If the high bidder wants to upgrade to the stretched and embelished print but the bid does not go that high

huge giclee on canvas. Done from a one of a kind original painting by Ocean Clark. Each print is a hand signed limited edition (500) print by Ocean Clark. I would be happy to personalize them with a note to you if you request so with your payment. These prints sell in galleries for $350-1400 By buying directly from the artist you save $$$

A giclee (zhee-CLAY) is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer. My Giclee's have 200 year archival they will outlast all of us. Giclees are produced from digital scans of existing artwork. Giclees are superior to traditional lithography in several ways. The colors are brighter, last longer, and are so high-resolution that they are virtually continuous tone, rather than tiny dots. The range, or "gamut" of color for giclees is far beyond that of lithography, and details are crisper. Giclees use inkjet technology, but far more sophisticated than your desktop printer. The process employs 7 colors--light cyan, cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow , light black, and black--of lightfast, pigmented inks and finer, more numerous, and replaceable printheads resulting in a wider color gamut, and the ability to use various media to print on. The ink is sprayed onto the page, actually mixing the color on the page to create true shades and hues.

Terms and Conditions:

Shipping will be FREE Art will be shipped rolled in a tube. Unless you buy it with the Buy It Now feature and then you'll get it gallery wrapped and ready to hang on the wall.

As Always on any of my art on eBay I offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee!!! If for any reason my art is not as good or better then you were expecting I will give you a full refund (excluding shipping costs) no questions asked upon return of the art. I am confidant that my work will be much better in person than I can possibly represent with a digital picture.

About the Artist:

New Orleans artist Ocean Clark has a true passion for painting. My mother says I started painting with mud as a baby. LOL I've upgraded to the finest pigments available...(GOLDEN ACRYLICS)...but the thought process is still the greatest joy in life is getting messy in some paint while challenging my mind to not just capture someones likeness in their portrait...but capture a bit of their personality as well...

If you have any questions on any of my auctions... or desire to commission the artist to do something specific... (I lo...

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