(SC) Here’s a beautiful, finished watercolor painting by JOHNNY CRAIG depicting the EC 3 GHOULUNATICS and DRUSILLA reading HORROR FROM THE CRYPT OF FEAR fanzines and surrounded by a variety of horrific creatures. This art comes from the estate of JOHNNY CRAIG. Be sure to keep an eye out every week for my other eBay auctions as we are now selling items from the collection of IRON MAN co-creator and veteran comic artist DON HECK. We continue to sell numerous rarities from the collection of long time comic collector and historian JERRY WEIST. Jerry passed away in January of 2011 and I am selling his SCIENCE FICTION and MONSTER magazine and COMIC FANZINE collection on behalf of his estate. We also sell EC COMIC BOOKS, COVER PROOFS, STORY PROOFS and original FANTASY art every week from the collection of Johnny Craig. This art is copyright the estate of Johnny Craig and no reproduction rights are included with this sale.
JOHNNY CRAIG worked for EC Comics for many years starting with their PRE-TREND crime and western comics and then graduating to the horror, crime, NEW DIRECTION and PICTO-FICTION titles as they came along. Johnny was actually employed at EC longer than any of the artists who worked there. This art was created around 1995 and was never used. This painting will be used in a book on JOHNNY CRAIG currently in works. The
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