Johnny Cupcakes Pullover Hoody- Black on Black- Men's M

This is a rare, collectible, Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt that is out of print. Brand new, sealed, with tags.
We ship overseas to Europe, UK, Canada, Mexico and some other locations throughout the world.
The Flat Cost is about $25. Check shipping options below. "Johnny Cupcakes Vault"
Welcome to the official Johnny Cupcakes eBay account. Johnny has created this Johnny Cupcakes Vault account to clean out / auction off old shirts, warehouse treasures, last pressings, equipment, promotional materials, and other random goodies that our customers around the world frequently ask us about. Who knows? Maybe we'll even save a few limited edition shirts from releases, so some of you around the world can have a chance to get at em. This is also a good tool for those of you who don't have access to a credit card and cannot order from our official website - but want to use PayPal. You will be able to do that on the Johnny Cupcakes Vault eBay auctions. Happy bidding!