Old Johnson Fare Box Bus Trolley Coin Counter SN #40237

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Old Johnson Fare Box

Bus or Trolley Coin Fare Counter (serial # 40237)

This Historical Transportation Unit Measures Approx. 23 3/4" tall x 7 1/2" sq. and weighs 45.5 Pounds US

12 Volt motorized system that has not been powered up.

Please Examine The Many Photos For Details As They Too Are Part Of The Description

Looks To be In Good Condition : Top End Coin Collector Box Looks To Be Made Of Nickel And The Glass Panels Are In Good Shape

I do not know if the fare box works. The pulleys do not turn by hand. Which according to other sources this means the shear pins are not damaged. The gears pictured look to be in good condition

Great Conversation Piece

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Seller Added On 02/08/11 ( Two new photos were added. One photo reflects the number change on the cyclometer. The other photo shows the top end where the coins are received. After receiving a kind Ebay members instruction; A nickel was inserted into the unit, the pulley turned and the coin registered. Please Note The Ask Seller Question formatt! Thanks for your interest.