Up for bids today is a sewing machine that is a first for me - a Johnson Ruffler Sewing Machine. Obviously this machine is made to specialize in ruffling but is based on a domestic machine frame instead of the much more expensive industrial machine. The machine itself is actually a clone of the old reliable Singer Model 15 but this is a much newer model made in the Far East after Singer's patents had expired. They are a great machine and many of the original Singer parts will fit. But the main feature of this machine is the factory conversion to being a ruffling machine. The Johnson Ruffling Company based in North Carolina is still in business and even has a web site and offers support for the machine. It's web site is / and they are quick to respond to requests. I did determine that an 8 page manual for this machine can be purchased for $4 and t is a dress plate also available as an option.
As for condition, the machine is excellent mechanically and would also be excellent cosmetically but when I pulled off the masking tape auction lot label, it took off a couple of spots of black paint on the top but t is still red primer paint under that. You can see that in the photo of the rear of the machine.
I bought the machine at auction just a week ago because, as a collector, I was interested in seeing how it worked (I am a die
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