Johnstown flood 1977 original photos Ektachrome slides

Johnstown flood. 1977 Johnstown Pennsylvania flood. the Great Flood of 1977. original Kodak Ektachrome or Kodachrome color slides of the 1977 flood. Six of the dams that surround Johnstown, stretching throughout the Conemaugh Valley, failed on July 20th 1977, and poured more than 128 million gallons of water into the Conemaugh Valley. In comparison approximately 4.8 billion gallons were unleashed on Johnstown when the South Fork Dam burst in 1889. A phenomenal amount of rainfall - 11.82 inches in 10 hours - was too much for both the dams and the sewers in the Conemaugh Valley. The Corps of Engineers originally called the âe(tm)77 flood a 500 year flood, but itâe(tm)s been downgraded slightly since then. The dams failed because of overtopping. 85 people were killed and an estimated 300 million dollars in damage occured with this flood. 80 pictures in all. slides are dated Aug 1977 and are all Ektachrome or Kodachrome color slides marked Kodak, processed by Kodak. they are from a southwestern Pa estate sale, looks like the photographer took a drive up in the aftermath of the flood and snapped these pictures. They are original unique photos of this disaster. /facesoftheflood see links for more info on this devastating flood. /1977Flood/index.html 61 of the photos were taken on a sunny day, they all look to have sharp clear images on ... read more