JOKER Statue, Paquet, Original, Batman, DC 1995, RARE

This is a fantastic sculpture by William Paquet, originally released in 1995! Strictly limited and VERY RARE! Comics ultimate psychopath, and Batman's most terrifying and best known enemy-The JOKER. This hand painted, cold cast porcelain, limited adition statue stands 12 inches tall! This captures the horror of the Clown Prince of Crime. He poses as hamlet, holding a skull, and yet laughing, rather than reflecting. His signiture maniacle grin, dressed to kill, in what else? A purple suite. This is a perfect tribute to the Joker, filled with increadible detail.

Variant: The photo on the box shows purple gloves, yet the statue has more black gloves with purple highlights. The eyes pictured on the box are bloodshopt and the statues are stricly yellow. (remember DC is famous for hand painting their statues, so each piece is different). Also, the statue is numbered 1281 of only 4650 made on the bottom, yet the box lists this statue as limited to 5,500.

Please note: This statue is not new, it has clearly been on display. I inherited it from a private collection. For example this statue has discoloring (yellowing?)in the face probably from years on the self display - remember it is 16 years old, one of DC's first statues. Also this statue was sold in two pieces, statue and base (very heavy base), with adhesive. This one
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