Jonah Kumalae award winning soprano ukulele

I was ask about a case and there is no case ,NOTE I HAVE REMOVED THE RESERVE,, Antique Jonah Kumalae Ukulele Beautiful color. First the good part. It has the original label inside and on the neck. Neck label says Kumalae Gold Award P.P.L.E. 1915, Seal Hawaii below seal. P.P.I.E. stands for Panama-Pacific International Exposition which was held in San Francisco. Inside label reads: Jonah Kumalae Manufacturer of Ukuleles Awarded Gold Medal for Ukuleleand Taro Patches at P.P.I. Exposition. Kumalae Hawaii (and logo) Phone 2384 1719 Liliha St. Honolulu. It is in great condition it could use cleaning I did not want to do anything to it so your getting it as I got crack just missing 1 turning peg. this is a old one and the strings look like cat gut strings there old and one is still sounding and it has a great sound... it measures 20 3/4'' long and the body 6'' wide has metal fret lines I think brass .the decal at top is a little worn from the years..lable is still in tact.. so you are getting the real thing here. condition is great you want need anything but polish and strings,,,nothing is wrong with this one I mean there is no loose areas it's great..I will ship any where but cost in the US is based on one price $ 20.00,,I would ship world wide but we have to get a price..and you must pay using pay-pal only at ending of auction ... read more