JONAS BROTHERS Group Logo Fender Strat Electric Guitar Signed Joe Kevin Nick

I am selling a new hand signed Tattooed autographed Full-sized Fender SQUIER ELECTRIC guitar signed by SUPER STAR BOY BAND - THE JONAS BROTHERS - Nick, Joe & Kevin . It was signed during a Movie Promo Appearance two years ago. I had 3 of these signed and have sold one already on ebay and donated the other one, so here is the last one at a great starting price.

Since I work in the Celebrity Promotions and appearances indusrty, I have great access to these wonderful people. I will include a document stating that this items signature was personally obtained by me.

I work closely with the entertainment industry, so I often have nice access to these stars.

Shipping in the USA is $25 ground

Overseas shipping questions - please inquire about costs.