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Disc 1 1. Vision Quest 2. Great Plains 3. Wind Walker 4. Morning Song 5. Lovers, The 6. Valley of the Nacoochee 7. Grandfather Speaks 8. Heart of the Mothership 9. Mother Spirit 10. Legacy, The Personnel includes: Jonn Serie, John Winterhawk Johnson, Tom Walks In Dreams Goodman.
In the summer of 1996 Jonn Serrie traveled into the Nacoochee Valley, in the North Georgia Mountains. T, he performed with a medicine man named John Winterhawk Johnson, and Tom Walks In Dreams Goodman, a Creek Indian tribal ambassador.
The collaboration is fruitful, with Serrie content to let the material evolve slowly. Most selections are purely instrumental, but occasional whispers emerge from the music, and a village elder quietly animates "Grandfather Speaks." On tracks such as "Great Plains" and the languid "Morning Song," Serrie bathes his partners in electronic ambience; you can almost see the night sky swirl over the earth. Label: New World Music (UK) Release Date: 07/01/2004 Original Release Date: 1998 Recording Mode: Stereo Producer: Jonn Serrie Recording Type: Studio Distributor: Allegro (Distributor USA)

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