Joodee Artist Custom Stratocaster - 1977 - Vintage Classic

Joodee Artist Custom - Made in Japan between 1977 and 1979. Quite a rare guitar.

This instrument is in excellent condition (a few minor dings only), owned by me for several years.

Its a lovely guitar, plays nicely, and is well constructed and set up. Anyone who knows their stuff on these old Japanese strats will know Joodee were a low volume brand around the same period as Greco, Tokai etc were making great strat copies. Fender were so impressed by the Japanese quality, they took over the Greco strat production line at Fuji Gen Gakki after reviewing lots of samples in the early 80's This guitar dates from just before that period. There is no serial number.

Sounds are vintage strat, this particular one is quite loud, really great tones, especially on neck pickup - warm and smooth. Electronics appear to be in good condition, everything works. The pickup selector is 3 way.

Construction is heavy duty, clearly meant to be very durable. This guitar is meant to ape a 72 Fender strat so has the three-screw neck plate. No issues with neck stability at all. Trem parts all there, but there is no trem arm

Please feel free to ask questions.

Will post to UK only