Thanks for checking out my artwork!

Go ahead and ...there is no reserve in this auction!

This is an original painting by me; Jose Trujillo. I'm the artist.

This painting was created on a canvas board using oil paint and it measures 8 x 10 inches.

I love painting...It's my passion, it's what drives me, and I've always wanted to share them with people who like what I do. This is why I decided to offer them here on eBay; since it's a great way to share my artwork with wonderful people, plus it keeps me painting daily, and it allows me to continue my artistic vision to further develop my skills and my message. I know my paintings are not for everyone, but if this is for you (if this is your cup of tea)...get it right now - I mean place your max bid now because it is a one-of-a-kind and no one else will own it in the world but you. Also, I may became the next Monet - or I may already be and the world doesn't know it yet...wink wink nudge nudge - Or I may just continue to paint really neat paintings and have wonderful people buy them. :)

The painting is offered unframed. Because some people prefer the option to frame it theme-selves. However, if you like the frame shown - it is available upon request for an additional $50. Should you want your painting to arrive framed; contact me and I'll make sure to
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