Josef Originals-California-Morn, Noon, Night-Jeanine

Josef Originals - Morn, Noon, & Night Series - Jeanine!!!

This is a beautiful Josef Original figurine made in California between 1945-1962. She is from the Morning, Noon and Night series, and her name is Jeanine. She is pictured in the Josef Book by the Whittakers, (second look book), page 16. She is wearing a pretty pink ruffled dress with pink roses sitting in gold on the front of her dress. A blue butterfly perches on her dress near her hand. She also wears a small pink hat with another pink rose set in gold. Inscribed into the bottom in script "Josef Originals". She has the original "Josef Originals California" label, which has wear, it is readble, but the black is gone. She also has the rectangular label "Jeanine", which is in the same condition as the other label. 4-3/4"W x 4"D x 5-3/8"H. Her issues - some light crazing visible with a magnifying glass - 2 tiny paint chips off one rose on her dress - the butterfly had been broken off and glued on - her main issue is that she had been broken at the waist and was glued back together. You can see this in the second photo, it is more obvious on the back side, with some missing chips. She came to me this way. She still is a lovely figurine.

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