JOSEPH SMITH The Prophet, The Man - Hard to find - Perfect Condition - Mormon

This book is in absolute great condition. Edited by Susan Easton Black Volume 17 in the Monograph Series

This book, which contains proceedings of the 1991 dedication of the Joseph Smith Memorial building at Brigham Young University as well as twenty-three papers from the 1992 Joseph Smith Symposium, is a fitting tribute to the mighty prophet and seer who stands as the head of the dispensation of the fullness of times. The variety and scope of the material presented here are indicative of the powerful example of Christian living and sacrifice and the wealth of gospel understanding that the Prophet left to the world.

Joseph Smith: The Prophet, the Man Front Matter Preface 1. Dedication Remarks 2. Dedication Remarks 3. Dedication Remarks 4. Dedication Remarks 5. Dedicatory Prayer 1. As One Who Loves the Prophet 2. Joseph Smith Among the Prophets 3. Joseph Smith in the Current Age 4. The Book of Mormon: Historical Setting for Its Translation and Publication 5. The Book of Mormon Critical Text Project 6. Joseph Smith—Translator 7. Joseph Smith and the Restitution of All Things 8. Understanding Joseph: A Review of Published Documentary Sources 9. The Religious Dimension of Emma’s Letters to Joseph 10. Joseph Smith: Man of Forgiveness 11. Joseph Smith’s Athletic Nature 12. Joseph Smith on Modern Science 13. Joseph Smith: Gifted
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