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Josephine Wall Puzzle
Sadness of Gaia
1000 Fully Interlocking Green-Backed Pieces

Produced by SunsOut
Finished Size: 27" x 20"

About the Artist: Josephine Wall

Josephine Wall works mostly in acrylics, which allows her to paint quickly and to create many textured and colorful effects. She produces many fantasies and has been influenced by the illustrative talents of Arthus Rackham, the surrealism of Magritte and the romanticism of the Pre-Raphaelites.

's what she says about herself and her work: "The are of painting to me is more than a career, it is an all-consuming obsession and a love of colour and form. In fact, if I am away from my easel for too long I become restless and anxious to paint again. I have so many images in my mind that it is a race against time to produce them all."

Wall concentrates on scenes from nature and often hides images in her work to keep her viewers entertained. Look closely for creatures, faces and other items within her paintings. She says: "As people have become used to my style of work, they often fine things that are not intentionally t"

I have not put this one together so I cannot guarantee that all pieces are included.
Pieces have been bagged for protection. All puzzles sold as-is.
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