Hello i have up for auction a very rare version of the first electric joy line loco made.These little locos are great running cast iron trains for there age.I have had about 8 of these over the years and they run great.Very heavy and strong for there size.Like most of them the roller pick up was missing so i lightly soldered a new piece in place and it works great.This loco is very rare for the simple fact that it was never fitted with the head light assembly.Its not missing ,it never was pressed into the frame work when assembled.Brought it to York and had it looked at,its all original.(except for my adding to the pickup.)Also this set came with two coaches and not three.I bought this set from the original owner and he said he never did anything to this set.Saying that i hope it finds a new home.This is a great little set and a wonderful example of early electric product made by model works (joy line).Please take a look at the pictures and let me know if you need any further information.
Thank you for looking at this little joy line set
Happy Holidays