JP & Violet (Anniversary Gnomes)"-Cairn , Tom Clark

" JP & Violet" - These two are a priceless collection to add to an already exsiting group or to start off with. Born in 1988 (# 20) from the Cairn Studios and the hands of artist Tom Clark. This individual piece has been both signed by the artist and personalized. The couple is standing in a sea of roses, the flower of love. With one large open bloom in front of them they have blossomed into an endearing twosome and with the many more buds around them to still open they look forward to their journey together ahead. Used as a family nik-nak for 3-4 years it is in like new condition. Unfortunately, through various movings and t we no longer have the name/story tag that originally came with it...sorry. A piece that is great either for you and a loved one or as a gift to a couple you care so about. These two will bring a loving joy into many hearts and homes.