JS50/44/10 WWII WW2 Liberation of Brussels RAF cover signed

Liberation of Brussels RAF cover signed

Cover produced for the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Brussels. Cover depicts citizens of Brussels greeting British and Belgian troops, Cromwell tanks of the Welsh guards which were the first to enter Brussels and Cromwell tanks leading the race to Brussels.
Cover bears 33p Autumn stamp cancelled with BFPS 2405 for the Liberation of Brussels.

Cover has been flown in Hercules CMK3 XV222 of 47 Squadron from RAF Lyneham to Liege there to participate in the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary f the Liberation of Brussels and Antwerp by dropping paratroopers of the Parachute Regiment on a special DZ at Huy. Then returned from Liege to Lyneham.
Cover has been signed by the crew who flew the covers

The Liberation of Brussels

By 23rd August 1944 the British 21st Army Group was pressing hard for the River Seine. On the 25th , the day of the liberation of Paris, the British XXX Corps took Vernon on the Seine and seized the crossings nearby. On their left XXII Corps was crossing the river at Louviers and the Canadians were taking Elbeuf. By the next day the advance to the northeast was well under way. XXX Corps took Beauvais on 30th August and then speeded up the advance. Dieppe was liberated by the Canadians on 1st September and inland British troops
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