Judges Guild Tegel Manor #27 Very Rare 3rd printing 1980 w/maps D&D Module OOP

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Item: Judges Guild Tegel Manor #27 Very Rare 2nd printing 1980 w/maps D&D Module OOP

Cover Price: $4.50

Contains: 32 pages and 4 panel map pages, other map is in the middle of the module (bagged and boarded)

Condition: Used, 88% of perfect condition. Corners are slightly rounded, Cover and edge wear is light. No names or writing Pages are clean and just barely off white. Binding is solid, and staples are clean. The worst part of this book is the few white fuzzy stress marks you can see on the staples edge(left side of picture. Map is pretty much the same condition, with the exception of slightly more rounded corners from being just larger then the module. Now from what i can tell this is a very rare 2nd edition but i am not an expert some sites have it as 3rd and one has it as 4th but one year later. Internet search had no pricing, sales, or in stock modules of this print any where. OBO has been turned on. (tons of judges guild
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