Jugs Jr. Pitching Machine Conversion Kit

This kit includes the box, plate and wiring shown in (photo 1) converts the older Jugs Jr. models which have the electronics controls on the side of the machine and brings the electronics directly in front of the operator. When you change over your older Jugs Jr. WITH THE ELECTRONICS YOU SUPPLY (photo 2) this kit, will give you the convenience of front panel display and digital readout (photo 3). AGAIN, THIS KIT REQUIRES THE USE OF YOUR ELECTRONICS. The kit comes with custom made mounting plate and box, power cord with quick connect electrical connector that plug directly into the digital readout Jugs circuit boards, motor power supply cord and hardware.

If your interested in the kit, I can assist with the purchase of electronics from Jugs as they require a machine serial number. Please contact me for more information.

The conversion from side mount to front mount takes less than 30 minutes and requires nothing more than a screw driver and a wrench.

Please contact me with any questions.