July 1930 - KANSAS CITY JOURNAL - 3 bound newspapers

Kansas City Journal-Post
July 1-31, 1930
Multi Issue


This auction is for three bound newspapers , the Kansas City Journal Post, from July 1-31, 1930. The comics have been removed from these bound volumes. I count approximately 6-8 editions for each day. These are of course all different editions from the first edition, typically a few home editions, a financial edition, sports edition, and a late sports edition. The names of these issues seem to vary depending on the day and year so I will leave it at this; however I only counted six Sunday editions typically.

Since t are so many copies of each edition they are split up into three different volumes. The total weight of the three volumes is about 64 pounds. It is difficult for me to explain the conditions too thoroughly, so I will typically be a bit more general on the conditions, but I will try to break it down by volume.


The comics have been removed from these bound volumes; however, it appears that most of the daily Gumps are present on a regular basis and a few other comics remain on a less regular basis.

July 1-9, 1930

A few tears and t Some pages are flaking a bit on the edges. Most of the gravure sections are missing (only one copy per Sunday). A few pages are also loose from the binding.
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