JUMBO 61 gm Gemmy Green + Purple FLUORITE Polished 2" Palm Stone Crystal Healing

You are buying a Premium Green + Purple FLUORITE Palm Stone pictured. This is a gemmy, extra high quality, stunning gemstone shaped and polished into a flat, smooth palm stone. There is no thumb "indent" just a continuous smooth and flat surface with gently rounded sides. You can see from the picture that the color is exceptional. The color is a stunning green with tiny purple stripes and hints of Blue Fluorite with wonderful light reflecting internal textures. Fluorite is very well known for its healing properties and ability to help one focus, concentrate and make decisions. See more below.
Color: Green, Purple, Blue
Size: 2" diameter x .49" thick
Weight: 61 gm (2.2 oz)
Notes From My Professional Experience
Fluorite is one of the Essential Eleven healing stones that everyone MUST have. I literally use it every day in a protective grid at my computer desk, to guard against excess electromagnetic radiation, to keep my work flow and focus in harmony and to heighten my intuitive gifts. It guards against negativity and unwanted outside influences, psychic manipulation (think the media) and stress of all types. One simply cannot overuse Fluorite or even have too much of it!
Mentally Fluorite is a strong intellectual and learning crystal, helping one organize information and increasing concentration. It is extremely
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