June 1-15, 1955 - CHICAGO TRIBUNE - bound newspaper

Chicago Tribune
June 1-15, 1955


This auction is for one bound newspaper , the Chicago Tribune, from June 1-15, 1955. Many of the comics have been removed (I've include a list of the ones that remain below), but most everything else is still in place, although some pages w cut into or removed along with the comics, I have prepared a list of the Sport pages that were damaged or removed below.

T are a few small tears and a number of places w pages were removed. When we clipped the comics out of this bound volume, we choose not to remove the whole page in every case (the Chicago Tribune placed comics on numerous pages throughout their newspaper), this means that t are small bits clipped out of some pages. Typically it was an ad on the other side though or classifieds.

Daily comics that were not removed - although some of them may have been removed from some issues, these are the comics we did not specifically target for clipping:

Ching Chow

Nuts & Jolts



The Flibbertys

Mostly Malarky

Laughing Matter

The Neighbors

Denis the Menace

Moon Mullins

All in Sport


The Dailys

Harold Teen

Aggie Mack

Sport Pages that were removed or damaged

June 1 st - Large piece (size of 2 comics) removed from top of pages 1-4. June 2 nd - Large piece (2 comics) removed from top of pages 3/4. June 6 th - Large piece (2 comics) removed from top of pages 3/4. June 8 th - Small piece (1 comic) removed from top of pages 1/2. June 15 th - Large piece (2 comics) removed from top of pages 1/2



I think I will be listing a few more auctions on Tuesday this week, but I have not yet decided which papers to list.



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Front - front cover dirty...probably a bit wet at one point and collected dirt
First Stories of 4 Flyers
Movie Page
Sports Page
Tito OKs Reds on Formosa
Coca-Cola ad
Ford Prepares For Strike
Sports Page
Union Pacific Railroad
Chevrolet ad
Budweiser ad
Bireley's ad
Coca-Cola ad
Movie Page
71 Killed By Racing Auto
Chicago Tribune Magazine
Sports Page
Movie Page
H-Bomb Test Today!
Movie Page


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