Junghans Mega Solar Ceramic Watch

I am selling my elegant Junghans Mega Solar Watch with indestructible scratch-free black ceramic case, model 018/1503. The dial is black and golden, The bracelet is stainless steel, with alternate golden segments. Each hinged part of the clasp You would have to look very closely to detect any sign of wear on the bracelet, which is set for a 7 inch wrist, plus a spare segment,

I have recently had the movement replaced by UK Junghans distributors and repairers Jon Vincent & Co, upgrading it to the latest design that does not suffer from failure to hold its charge often found in Junghans watches of this age (late 90s?). That upgrade alone cost nearly £150, and it will hold its charge for weeks in a drawer, while normal use will be sufficient for daily recharging. (Beware if buying any early Junghans Mega Solar watch - it is likely that it will need this upgrade sooner or later).

Its atomic timekeeping is based on reception of a Europe-wide signal from Mainflingen (Frankfurt) which is done automatically nightly, or on demand. It has three buttons. One toggles the little LCD window between date and seconds, and a longer depression activates a manual signal update (not that this should normally be necessary). The other two buttons are for advancing or retarding time zones. Note that the atomic control will not work
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