Junior Instructor Books 1 & 2 Little Black Sambo 1943

Vintage Editions

The Junior Instructor

Books 1 & 2

Complete Set

A Treasure House of Adventure for Boys and Girls

Book 1 has the ever popular "Little Black Sambo"

1943 Print

12 " x 9"

Full Color and Black and White Illustrations

Published by the United Educators Chicago

Introduction by M.V. O'Shea

Former Editor of Junior Home Magazine

Edited by:

Walter Beecher

Grace Faxon

Hildegard Blumenstiel

Miriam Brubaker

Bertha Hamilton

Laura Hassenstein

Kathleen Scott

First, a word regarding my impression of these books. Think for a moment about our grand and great grandparents. I know mine didn't have much schooling, but if they would have had these books they would have had a wealth of information about history, learning how to read, working with numbers, occupations, communication, drawing, life, animals, nature, games, parties, stories, poems, plays, art, and music. While we have so much more now at just the stroke of the keyboard, learning and even owning books, was not all that common. The only book my great grandparents had was a Bible, although I don't recall it being read that often. On my father's side of the family, I am just the 3rd generation in America,
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