Junk Silver Coins, 2.1 ozT. Pure Bullion Rounds Bar Bag


QTY 14- Pre-1967 Canadian Silver 25 cent coins ($3.50 Face Value)

Weight 5.8319g ea. x 80% Silver = 0.1500 ozt ea. x 14 = 2.1 Troy oz. Pure Silver

Picture is a sample only - Lots are pulled from large collection

Various Grades from Fine to AU - Little to no metal wear. 2 Full ozT Guaranteed

Many more auctions to follow in affordable batches and various denominations.

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Solid Stable Canadian Currency, Recognized Worldwide, Easy to Store & Trade, Buy & Sell

Great Investment - Hedge against Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation or Currency Collapse

High Utility: "McDonald's won't make change for your gold bar!"

Silver is the "poor man's Gold" , except it's rarer and undervalued and won't be seized in Mint Coin form.

Can't Afford Rare Gold Coins? - Silver is also "Real Money"

Price is going up - supply on Country Mints with Face Value is getting low - Bid while you can!

Shiping /Handling is Flat Rate by Regular Post to USA and Canada:

$3.99 each lot, $2.00 extra for each combined lot added.

100.00 CDN Max. Insurance is $2.00 extra each lot.

ExpressPost Envelope $12.95, $5.00 extra for each combined lot, ( Insurance
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