*Jurassic Art Nodule*Polished* *Large*


Jurassic Art Nodules

Polished Half - Large

Jurassic Art Nodule - come from Grand County Utah, found in the Brushy Basin Member in the Morrison Formation. These Nodules are from around the same Jurassic Time Period, about 208 to 144 million years old.

The Jurassic Art Nodule is a jasper, agate mix and each one we cut is very unique and shows a prehistoric picture. I'm not sure how the nodules are formed, although I have seen several theories from air pockets in the sediment to it actually being started from a grain of sand and forming around it like a pearl forms, but you can be the judge.

This nodule is very large & very interesting, the red has fortification agate. We don't find too many this large & no fractures. You won't get tired of looking at this beauty.

Excellent display specimen with a mirror polish.

Measurements are 6 3/4 inches by 4 3/4 inches on the polished face and 3 1/4 inches thick, weighs 4pounds 7oz.

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