Jurassic gold pyrite multi ammonite fossil Eoderoceras

A beautiful example of a highly pyritized ammonite fossil of the species eoderoceras from Charmouth, Dorset UK. It measures 55mm (2 1/8 inches) which is a good size for this type of ammonite. It is an unusual piece as it has a group of smaller ammonites of the same species preserved on the reverse, the largest of which measures 20mm. As well as the juvenile ammonites t are some eoderoceras spines preserved in pyrite on the back of the fossil. It has a nice golden shine to it and the striking suture lines are clearly visible. The fossil has been coated with lacquer to protect it. Around 195 million years old this fossil would make a nice addition to any collection, your chance to own the most sought after jurassic pyrite ammonite.

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