Jurassic Park prop collection. Cryocan, Raptor claw, etc.

This collection includes 1 cryocan replica, 1 Velociraptor claw and 1 full-size park brochure.

The cryocan is made of computer machined metal and is in perfect condition. It comes with all 10 DNA vials and also features a 'pop-up' mechanism as seen in the film. This piece was manufactured by the same FX shop that made the one seen in the extended Bluray footage. This is as good as it gets...you will not find a finer example of this prop. A salvage tag is included with this piece that references the Isla Nublar incident.� The Velociraptor claw is made of resin and was cast from an original animatronic raptor claw. It's been finished in multiple acrylics and ships as seen with inventory tag. The park brochure was scanned directly from an original prop and completes this collection.

Please email with any and all questions prior to bidding. Payment is expected within 24 hours of auctions close.