JVC MI-3000 audio mixer w/ MI-F30 auto fader unit

This was pulled from an audio listening room, but it is an ideal video edit system audio mixer.

The auto fader unit provides amazing mix level conrol remotely, including cross fade ramp control, fade transition speed, and more.

The MI-3000U is a 10-channel audio mixer that is rack mountable. It incorporates 8 monaural channels
plus a set of stereo channels.

· 10 Channels: 8 monaural, 1 stereo pair

· Built In Voltage Controlled Amplifier

· RD-422 and RS232C Interfaces and 3 General purpose Interfaces (MI-F30U)

· Rack Mountable

· 120 VAC 50/60Hz 58W

There are triple souce level assignments for each input.

Source level #1

8 balanced XLR mic/line

2 unbalanced (L & R stereo) -20 db/phono - fixed all levels

Source level #2

4 balanced XLR mic/line

4 unbalanced RCA (@ -20db) loud inputs

2 unbalanced (L & R stereo) - fixed inputs

Source level #3

2 balanced XLR line - fixed all sources 1-8 (L-R)

AUX L & R send/recieve


Lo freq. level adj.

Mid freq. level & freq. adj.

high freq. level adj.

Master ouputs

2 balanced XLR line

2 unbalanced RCA

2 unbalanced RCA - monitor out