U.K. Hawker Hunter F.6, 1/48 Model Airplane Kit

31.18 U.K. Hawker Hunter F.6, 1/48 scale Academy kit 2164, 1997, NIB Parts in factory sealed plastic bags, markings for No. 65 Squadron 1960 and squadron commander No. 63 Squadron

The Hawker Hunter was a jet fighter aircraft of the 1950s and 1960s. It was essentially a Hawker Sea Hawk with a 35–degree swept wing. If first flew on 21 July 1951. The Hunter F.1 entered service with the RAF in July 1954. The Hunter served for many years with the RAF and was widely exported, serving with 19 air forces. To deal with surging and flameout problems, Rolls-Royce fitted the Avon engine with a new automatic fuel system and redesigned compressor. The resulting Avon 203, producing 10,000 lbf of thrust, was fitted to the Hawker P.1099, which became the Hunter F.6. The Hunter F6 was retired from the RAF in 1963, being replaced by the English Electric Lightning. A total of 1,872 Hunters were produced.

The Hawker Hunter F.6 was supplied to many air forces and built under license in Holland and Belgium . The 111 Sqn received its Hunter F.Mk.6’s in Nov. 1956, replacing its earlier Mk 4s.

Length: 45ft 11in, Wingspan: 33ft 8in, Engine: 10,145 lbf thrust, Rolls-Royce Avon 207 turbojet, Weight: empty 14,122 lb, loaded 17,750 lb, Speed: 715 mph (M .94), Range: 445 miles, Operational Ceiling: 50,000 ft., Armament: four 30 mm Aden cannon
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