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Artist/Group: U.K. (UK)

Title: U.K (Self Titled

Track Listing:

1. In The Dead Of Night
2. By The Light Of Day
3. Presto Vivace And Reprise
4. Thirty Years
5. Alaska
6. Time To Kill
7. Nevermore
8. Mental Medication

Group Notes:

Formed: 1977, London, England, United Kingdom Disbanded 1979

Members: Bill Bruford (drums, percussion, 1977-78), Allan Holdsworth (guitar, 1977-78), John Wetton (bass, vocals), Eddie Jobson (keyboards, violin), Terry Bozzio (drums, 1979)

Related Artists: King Crimson , Frank Zappa , Roxy Music

Notes: N/A

Also Known AS: N/A

Genre: Progressive Rock

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