THIS BOOK HAS BEEN AUTHENTICALLY HAND SIGNED BY K. T. KELLER.................... Wesley W. Stout-"Secret"-1947-Chrysler Corporation-Detroit,Michigan-5" X 8"-68 pages-hardcover book with photos with foreward by K.T.Keller who was the president of Chrysler... This book features in words and photos Chrysler's part in the development of The Atomic Bomb during World War II. The book has a foreward written by K.T.Keller-President Chrysler Corporation.The book also has a special 4 1/2" X 7" original insert from K.T.Keller with a date stamped on the back.This is a simple narrative of what was done to give man his first control over the energy locked in the atom.....meantime science & industry will be working on ways to employ the atom's energy for man's benefit; ways that might even in time utterly overshadow the first destructive application..". Tells the story from the first testing of the atomic bomb in the desert of New Mexico in July 1945 to to what followed at Hiroshima & Nagasaki in August of that year. Also a brief history of its development.The book has been autographed on the page with foreward by K. T. Keller in blue fountain pen...... BOOK, AUTOGRAPH AND INSERT ARE IN NICE CONDITION.SPINE IS A LITTLE LOOSE............................ This autograph came from the Estate of Clark Gesner, the composer and lyricist whose
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