K253 Japanese sword tanto in shirosaya mountings, "Ryokai Ieyoshi", horimono

This is a Japanese tanto in shirosaya mountings. The blade is signed "Ryokai Ieyoshi 了戒家能 ", hira-zukuri, mitsumine shape, sanskrit with bohi, suken engravings, early muromachi period ca.1400 era made blade. The blade is in old polish, shows fine scratches but no rust, no stain and in good condition. There is no bend, no nick,no crack and cutting edge is sharp. The temper line is gunome temper pattern and has deep temper at the point. The forging grain is tight itame-hada, no opening, no blister and no forging flaws at all. It is rested in ho-wood shirasaya mountings with double habaki, no dent, no crack and in good condition. It measures 10+5/8" cutting edge, 1" width, 4 mm thickness at the notch and 17" in mountings. Shipping is $15 priority in U.S. Payment dues within 3 days auction end.