K36 Pierce Electric Eraser Corded Drafting Tool NICE!

This is a lightly used Pierce Company electric eraser tool for architects, engineers, designers and draftsmen. Made in the USA. (I know it was over $45.00 new!) It takes a standard 7" long round (about 1/4" diameter) rod of eraser material. The eraser material can be fed in from the rear of the tool to the chuck in front and is then spun by the internal motor to erase areas quickly and easily. When the eraser material wears down and little more can be pulled out! A 7-1/2 foot long cord goes to the unit from the 120 volt AC to 12 volt adapter. Works quietly and smoothly. A long rectangular button on the right side of the tool makes it operate while in a hand. Erases on lead and ink on paper and film, - t are a number of various types of eraser stock to use in it. Weight of adapter and tool is almost two pounds, shipping weight is 3 pounds. This is a "Must Sell" estate item, no reserve, for a person moving into a retirement home. Carefully evaluate this item's suitability for your purposes, for this is sold "as-is", sale final. What you see is what you get. (Fuzzy pictures? - Set your browser to download pictures without compressing - delete cache - restart - try again!) Shipping cost to USA destinations is $9.80 via uninsured USPS Mail. Insurance available if desired. Foreign shipping available but ASK ME for shipping cost BEFORE

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