K98 98 Erma Erfurt Matching Mauser Kar98K WWII stock.

This Kar98k LaminatedE rma Erfurt WaA280 stock has beensanded smooth.

It has the WaA280 (Waffenamts-proof-markings) on: The bayonet lug, cross bolt, right dismount, left dismount and on the flat butt plate.

This would be an early stock but not sure when 1938-40?? Would be for Code S/27 or 27 and if 1940-41 code ax
It has the number 4752 in the Barrel channel, Butt plate and the 52 on the bayonet lug.

It has remnants of cartouches on the right side of the butt.

T is no crack between the trigger guard opening and trigger slot.

I have eleven J-peg photos I can email to anyone sending me an email address so you can see close ups of all described proofs and numbers

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Further research shows this is an early 1939 Erma Erfurt Code 27 or just as possible an early 1938 Mauser Borsigwalde which used the WaA280 that year and because this is 4752f that falls into the early production.
But, t is no way to tell if it is either of these two specifically and seems it could be considered either 1938 S/243 Borsigwalde or Code 27 1939 Erma Erfurt as each and every number and proof is correct for either.
It does have a small dismount disk but BBOTW does
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