Kabar "JIM BOWIE" Bowie Knife W/Brown Leather Sheath

I cannot say that this is really a USED old Kabar "Jim Bowie" stamped bowie knife because the edge and point appear to be in the condition they left the factory, but this knife shows many light scratches to the mirror-like 8 1/2 inch blade. How the fine scratches could get on this blade without using it amazes me. These old scratches may buff out, I just do not know. The handle looks like it may be wood and it still held firmly in place with the tight rivets. The handle is almost a reddish color and very nice. The crossguard is brass and crudely forged at the factory. The sheath shows age, but is still soft and supple. The stitching at the edge part of the throat has partially broken loose and the leather is just a bit torn. The leather retaining strap snap has broken loose from the leather, both parts to the snap (male and female ends) are still present. The leather shows some staining to the front, but the back of the sheath still looks pretty nice. Still a nice old Kabar bowie knife that is over 13 inches long.