Kachina Hopi Koyala Clown Old Style John Piestewa

This clown was made by John Piestewa for the Hotevilla Home Dance in July of this year. He always makes plenty of dolls for his family and extras for me to buy. Because these dolls were made for the katsinas to give children they are not signed as is true Hopi tradition. Gifts from katsinas are not signed by Uncle John! For those of you who wonder John was Lori Piestewa's (first native woman killed in action, Iraq) cousin and they lived near each other in Tuba City, Az.

This doll is Hopi and made from cottonwood root and painted with natural pigments. It is meant to hang on the wall and t is a cotton string around the neck for that purpose. John does not do the very cleanest work one will see, but they are of good quality for the price and really bring Hopi tradition to the work. John's work has a charm all its own and one must keep in mind this doll was made as Hopis have done for hundreds of years (before the collector market started dictating their standards).

This is a great Hopi clown for a collector of old style traditional dolls. John's work is priced right so anyone can begin or add to their collection.

This Koyala is almost 10" tall and 4" wide. He is dressed in cut off blue jeans and is looking cross eyed at a butterfly on his nose. The crinkled corn husks on the horns are tied on with cotton
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