Kachina type doll- "Hopi Clown"- by J. J. Wood

This Kachina type doll is very cute, has rawhide accents, animal hair,and is holding an American flag he is approximately 8 1/2 by 3 inches. The bad points are that you can see the glue he used and the little points of the horns are either missing or were never t J. J. Wood signed the piece on the bottom and had a price of $90.00. Of course, I would never pay that price if I didn't know the artist, I obtained him at an auction. I tried to research him, but t were thousands of J. J. Woods and most were medical people. I am new to the computer age and have a lot to learn! Thank you for looking, if your'e interested, the sale is as- is. Any questions will be answered.