KADAJ Sephiroth Masamune FFVII Double Bladed Sword NEW!

This sword is amazing. When you first hold it you will be amazed! While you know better than to strike a tree with it, you will be very tempted. As seen in Advent Children, Kadaj's double bladed Katana is rumored to be another form of Sephiroth's Masamune, thus the blades combine length wise to form the extremely long Masamune (blades don't actually combine on this item). Blades are sharp and extend deep into the handle, double full tang. While this is a very solid piece it is for display purposes only. The functionality of this sword is untested. Overall length of this item is approximately 44 inches and it is very heavy. The handle is the ideal length width and shape to hold two blades, AMAZING!. Get yours before they are sold out!

Now you can truly be a part of the mystery and mystique of final fantasy and own this one of a kind unique double sword.

Who is Kadaj? He is one of the three new enemies to Cloud that make their appearance in FFVII Advent Children.

This sword is Amazing! 1 sword splits into 2!

This Split Blade Samurai Sword is a one of a kind sweet katana. It has two swords in one. You just push up and you have two swords to wield like a ninja. The blades are 440 steel and factory sharpened. The overall length of each sword (and in the one sword form) is approximately 40 inches. Comes
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