Kadee 47110 Schlitz Beer Road # 3765

N Scale

Kadee 47110 Schlitz Beer Road # 3765

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New in its original box,long discontinued from MTL collected only from Nov 1979

The Cars I offer here are all from my personal collection some common,some rare, alot of them have never been offered on E Bay

I will be offering all the multi car shrink wrapped numbers and all the single car numbers & variations produced before the year 2000

MTL are without a doubt the best most detailed & painted cars available to the N Scaler,Best of all is they are made here in the USA !

Up till the year 2000 I recieved one of every MTL car every month,they went into a closet & haven't been out since. Many times these cars were short runs so if you didn't sign up for auto release you might not get a car.

Thanks for looking & come back again as I will be offering MTL from the beginning of their production.

I have been involved N scale railroading from the beginning of it here in the states (late 60's) ,a member of The N Scale Collector and been to many of their conventions. as I am not some junk store or someone who doesn't know the hobby. I hope you enjoy this fine hobby as much as I do.

I like
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