Kadee Assortment of G-Scale Couplers and Parts

We are liquidating a large collection of G-scale trains that are like new or are new in some cases. These trains have never been used outdoors and most of them were simply displayed on shelves in a condo. The only use they had occasionally was on a temporary 8 x 16 oval of track on the floor. All but one item are in their original factory boxes. The majority of the train cars have Kadee Couplers installed and in most cases were simply displayed. Very few of these cars show any use on the wheels at all.
Rolling stock comes from Accucraft, Aristocraft, LGB, Bachmann, Delton Original, USA Trains, and others. Some of the items are rear and no longer produced like the LGB Winchester car, Coors cars, Harley Davidson Car
Locomotives we will be listing include Accucraft K-27 #461, Inspection car #1, Goose #2 with sound, Bachmann K-27 #455, Ely Thomas 2 Truck Shay, RGS Railtruck, NEW never run all black Anniversary Loco & Tender, a Berlyn Goose #6, LGB 20140, 2019S, 2063, 2077D Modified, and a Delton Railbus 2264DD,
If you have a particular interest in any of these locos before we get them listed contact us and we will do what we can to speed up the process for you. Any particulars about specific items we feel need mentioning will be done so at the start of the item description. Thank you for looking at our offerings --
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