Kagome controlling Inuyasha "Osuwari" Gold shirt

"Osuwari" - sit

Inuyasha and Kagome make a great couple. But as usual, Kagome has the last word to calm him down..
This item has a screenprint type design.
No Iron on transfers as seen so often on ebay
No fading or washing instructions required
Un eek one of a kind design
This item is done from scratch by an "Otaku head" in a small personal studio in Seattle. They are NOT mass produced in
factories or sweashops, nor are they distributed to any wholesalers or retailers. They're only available through my store and
local anime/gaming cons. For more information on why they are done and the huge amount of time put into then
(some more then others), keep reading below or click .
Pricing of my tshirts are a reflection of the amount of time it takes to finish and/or
additional processes that may be involved.
(Please allow anyw from 3-12 days to complete the item. May be sooner or later depending on my current workload)
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Shipping is 5.50 for 1-4 tshirts
Shipping is flat 7.95 for 5 tshirts or more
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