kala pacific walnut tenor ukulele used, fantastic condition

Selling here is my Kala ka pw t pacific walnut ukulel e.
I have a couple of reasons for selling it , 1 ) i got hold of the tenor thinking i would be more comfo rtable with it , which was not the case. Basically i have pretty small hands and sh ort fingers so this size uke wasnt my best idea.BTW Its in excellent condition .
Another reason f or selling is i am looking at a couple of high price concert ukes ( right size for me ) and every penny helps .
sorry abou t the stock photo, but seemed unnecesary to take a photo of mine as its in great nick .
heres the official info : ( not 100% sure about it be ing a limited edition ? maybe it is, but please check it out online for yourself )

The Kala Pacific Walnut Tenor Ukulele has a rich dark brown grain against a light brown background. The sound is crisp with a focused clear tone. The ukes offer a high end look at a very affordable price

The Walnut belongs to a small order of trees and shrubs known as Juglandeae. In 2012 Kala Ukulele decided that this exotic wood could be used to make some exciting new ukuleles. The dark and grainy wood, mostly native of North America is commonly used in furniture making for its beauty and its harndess. It is this hardness that makes walnut a great choice for ukulele. It gives this range a sharp and responsive tone.

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