Kaleidoscope 9" Dichroic Stained Glass, 2 Axles 2 Disks

This is a beautiful handmade dichroic, abstract art deco, kiln fused stained glass kaleidoscope designed and made by us, Lawrence and Audrey Goldsmith .

To create our design, we cut pieces of dichroic stained glass and kiln fused them to black Bullseye glass at approximately 1400 degrees. We then soldered this to the bottom stained glass section using non-lead solder for your safety and ours. It is approximately 9 inches long counting the disks. The sides are approximately 1 1/4 inches wide.

The bottom pieces have been carefully formed by being kiln fused at approximately 1400 degrees over a prepared form that we made. The kaleidoscope is signed and dated.

It has 2 solid brass axles and two kiln fused glass disks with many pieces of transparent dichroic and transparent stained glass pieces. The disks spin independently. It has 3 excellent quality front surface mirrors inside and clear glass ends to keep out dust.

We are a husband and wife team working together in glass and separately on individual art pieces for over 30 years. We have made kaleidoscopes since the 1980's when our kaleidoscopes were selected by the governor of Ohio as gifts for all the U.S. governors at the National Governors' Conference. We are members of Ohio Designer Craftsmen. There is no reserve pricing on this auction

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