Kaleidoscope Picture Jasper Gorgeous Cutter Rough Chunk! A must see!

Here is a gorgeous cutter rough chunk of Kaleidoscope Picture Jasper!
This chunk has some excellent pattern, multiple shades of green, and sunset yellows. It should cut some awesome slabs for some extraordinary cabs!
This chunk has a very are sort of pattern, so you certainly will not want to miss out on it!
and Enjoy!
Weighs Approx: 3 Lbs
All Photos are taken with water at various times of the day, the tape measure is marked in inches.
Currently I am trying to set up the best spot for lighting, I apologize for the poor lighting in these pictures. If for some reason any material you receive does not meet your expectations or just wasn't what you were looking for, I'd be happy to give you a full refund and pay half the return shipping. Please allow up to 10 business days on shipping. Having just moved I am just getting into the rhythm of the town. If you feel the need to leave bad feedback, please talk to me first to resolve the problem. Nobody ever gained anything by punching someone in the face when a couple words could have left both parties walking away happy. If you have any questions about any listing of mine, please feel free to message me on eBay or email me at

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