KAMCHATKA: "SELF-TITLED " C.D. On their self-titled debut disc, KAMCHATKA (an incredibly kool power trio “riff machine” from Sweden) deliver an awesome set (14 trax - 59 mins.) of heavy duty, get-down bluesy, cycodelic, authentic, retro-70’s heavy guitar power trio “riffage” that is unbelievably killer. KAMCHATKA is brain-damaing beyond belief and the REAL deal when it comes down to outstanding killer power trio rock.

KAMCHATKA features three amazing players in the form of Thomas Andersson on guitar & vocals, Rojer Ojersson on bass & vocals and Tobias Strandvik on drums. The band work together as a whole musical unit combining guitar-melting solos, slicked-up pseudo-Hendrix grooves with an incredibly powerful tight rhythm section to create a sound that is pure, convincing and all their own. Hitting hard with a fantastic, hard driving, raw, blistering, all-out musical assault and sounding like they landed from 1973, KAMCHATKA have legitimately created an authentic, classic retro-70’s heavy guitar power trio vibe.

Thomas Andersson is an amazing gifted bluesy axeripper who makes a powerful musical statement on the guitar. His playing is right up there with the best of them. Serious heavy guitar freaks that are in tune with the Grooveyard know that we are heavily into and support outstanding Swedish axemasters like
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