The Kansas Methodist Pulpit sermons by Bishop WX Ninde 1890 lot of 9 Books

This is for a lot of antique books. Nine copies of:

The Kansas Methodist Pulpit: A Collection of 24 Sermons By Bishop W.X. Ninde and Various Members of the Four Kansas Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church by Bishop W.X. Ninde, compiled by JWD Anderson. Published in Topeka, Kansas, 1890.

297 pages. The bindings are worn; different colors; some chips and tears; pages are discolored; good otherweise.

Includes The Certainty of Our Christian Hope by Ninde; Entire Sanctification by S.E. Pendleton; Views of God by A. Schuyler; Our Duty as Citizens of the United STates by C.R. Rice; The Co-ordination of the Mission of Christ and the Mission of the Church by H.A. Gobin; Near the Kingdom by J.C. Hall; The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus by C.W. Gullett; Redemption-Is It Unimportant or All Important by W.A. Quayle; A Fatal Disease, A Sure Remedy by J. Albert Hyden; Love the Queen of Graces by Hugh McBirney; The Divine Purpose in the Creation of Man by J.E. Brant; The Province of the Pulpit by Jas. T. Hanna; The Glorious Gospel by W.H. Sweet; Unseen Realities by T.S. Hodgson; The Mysteries of the Present the Revelations of the Future by G.S. Dearborn; A Semi-Centennial Sermon by W.R. Davis; Saul of Tarsus: A Witness for the Gospels by J.A. Lippincott; The Baptism of the Holy Ghost by J.D. Botkin; The Missionary Spirit
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